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Media Plan is the first private, independent organization on media development in Bosnia-Herzegovina, founded in 1995 in Sarajevo. Media Plan is an institution with a lot of experience in media research, education of students and professionals, online information, RTV production and different communication projects dealing with human rights. Media Plan implements projects in all countries of South East Europe. Our area of activity is media transition, application of new communication technologies, development of media industry and media market.

From History

Media Plan Institute Sarajevo was founded on May 5, 1995. It appeared upon the experience of News Agency SAFAX (Sarajevo Fax), which in 1994 distributed information from Bosnia-Herzegovina for non-governmental organizations in Europe, particularly in France, which were helping peace efforts in the region. Founder of Institute is Zoran Udovicic, long-time journalist, editor and manager of RadioTelevision Sarajevo and RTV BiH.

Its first independent project was The Media Landscape of Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995. Together with its partner organization IWPR from London, Media Plan monitored 40 most influential media outlets for the needs of pre-election activities in 1996 and 1997. With the creation of the Center of Media Cooperation in Banja Luka and Mostar Media Plan took the first step in breaking down the media blockade resulting from the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 1998 it started publishing the bulletin Media News, which was transformed in 2000 into the first online magazine on media in South East Europe. That same year, Media Plan, together with its partners from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania, created the network for the professionalization of media ‘Media Initiatives’ and became a member of the SEENPM network (South East European Network for the Professionalization of Media). https://www.facebook.com/medijskeinicijative/

With the support of its partner, High College of Journalism from Lille, France, the School of Journalism was created in 1998  (Media Plan High College of Journalism since 2000).  Nine generation of students successfully graduated at this one year lasting study. School is now education centre for practical education of journalists and other media staff.  Media Plan Institute implements education projects in all countries of South East Europe. In collaboration with the International Network of Communication Universities (RIUC), in 2001 it started organizing the bi-ennial Communications University of South East Europe, the largest international communications forum in this part of Europe.

In 2004 the Summer Academy was organized in Sarajevo, with interesting education and tourist programs in Neum (bh. town on the sea side).

Also, Press clipping service operates in the framework of Media Plan Institute  by 2014, when overall rights of the Press clipping service were assigned by mutual agreement to the agency Kliping BH.

Media Plan Institute has research, publishing and video production departments.

About the recent activities of the organization in the content on the website.