Media Literacy and Education needs of journalists and the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina: TWO SIDES OF THE MEDIA MEDAL

Media literacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still a secondary issue whose development is not considered a priority. This is the situation even in scholarly and journalistic circles, who should certainly be interested in this matter, operationally or thematically. As of this moment, there is not a single state document directly addressing this issue, there is not a single segment of systematic presence of media literacy on any level of education (although this should change soon), just as there are no media contents addressing media literacy either educationally or problematically. The term media literacy was brought to BiH by foreigners, international donors, who developed interest in this matter through projects. This analysis thus explains how media literacy is treated in the country in the context of both sides, those who consume and understand media (intellectual/political perception and technical know-how for using media) and those who produce information. For producers, there is no doubt that it is important to have a university education and various specialized know-how from courses and conferences, as well as, most certainly, practice. And that does exist. But what is lacking, the main motivation for this research, is education whose goal is media literacy. In other words, education of ordinary citizens, not media professionals.

konferencija medijska pismenost2

The analysis is made in the framework of the “Partnership for Media Development in Southeast Europe”, supported by the European Commission.

media litracy


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