Sarajevo-based Media Initiatives in collaboration with the Union of Roma NGOs of the Republika Srpska and with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Sarajevo launched an education and production project aimed at crushing prejudice among the majority community toward Roma and social inclusion of the Roma population in social currents in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
The project name is “Be ROMALEN”. In order to achieve the project goal, education is envisioned for young Roma NGO activists in writing news for the Roma magazine “Amaro Drom”, which will publish five issues in the first year, as well as for a website of the same name. In addition to basic journalistic education, through a series of seminars participants will build on their computer literacy and master multimedia in terms of production and distribution of information, primarily through social networks.

There is not a single Roma media outlet in the whole country and there are no specialized programs either in the Romany language for Roma or in Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian on the public services. The Roma NGO sector is doing all it can in the circumstances, but general social engagement is lacking. With the support of several international institutions and foundations, initial results have been achieved in raising media awareness toward better coverage of this issue and fulfillment of obligations from the national Law on the Protection of National Minorities. Media Initiatives and its partner, Sarajevo-based Media Plan Institute, an organization with respectable experience in working with national minorities, with its programs has become an initiator and to an extent also an implementing partner in activities whose goal is achieving bigger presence of contents of this kind in media.



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