A regional network for battling sexual violence against children under the name “Pandora's Box” was created in a three-day conference of organizations from Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary and Serbia held in Budapest. The network core comprises organizations in four countries: Novi Sad Journalism School from Novi Sad, Media Initiatives from Sarajevo, Stina Institute from Split and Association of Independent Journalists from Budapest.
Partner organizations from Bosnia-Herzegovina are: Media Plan Institute Sarajevo, Center for Mental Health Zenica and Association for Cooperation between Parents and Schools Sarajevo. The project is financially supported by the Brussels-based European Commission Directorate General for Enlargement. The main goal of the project is battling sexual violence against children. The network members will implement a number of different activities aimed at raising the awareness of teachers, parents, children, authorities and general public on the globally growing problem. In the next period centers for social protection and mental health, journalism research centers and parent teacher associations will implement detailed research projects, each in their respective field, in order to obtain precise data on sexual violence against children in each country where the project is implemented.



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